his is a very interesting 3.5 inch square Clockmakers sundial. The original gnomon is approx. 3mm thick, 65mm along the style edge. It has a simple pierced design with an ' S ' shaped supporter and is attatched by two tenons swaged into slots. The dial shows that the V-XII-VII is divided to half- and quarter hours. The numerals are orientated inwards along the hour lines and are generally positioned with one side of the broad strokes aligned with the hourline or, unusually, with the narrow or broad stroke of the V so aligned. Typically for these early rural dials, it  has a Cross Patty for noon with no noon gap but all hourlines are directed towards the proper corner of the gnomon. There are a set of concentric circles to terminate hourlines. It was made in 1709 by D.T, and has two further initials J.A. in the corners. This is possibly the work of Clockmaker Deodatus Threlkeld , who was working in Newcastle during this time. The J. A. is also possibly the initials of the first owner and may well be for John Aynsley who was a close friend to Threlkeld  for many years. The reason for this assumption is because in the book entitled Clockmakers of Northumberland and Durham by Keith Bates, there is a Threlkeld dial c1730 which has been signed by the maker, and the D. and  T are very distinctive and very similar to the D. and the T on the sundial (even though they are 20 years apart). The dial is in superb original condition. It retains a lovely original indoor patination and was probably put in the conservatory or sat inside on a window ledge to set the clocks of the house. Deodatus Threlkeld was born in 1657. He was known nationally and perhaps internationally for his clocks and watches. In 1698 he was challenged by William Prevost, a French clockmaker to see who could make the best clock, winner takes all; Ed. Burgis and Sam.  Watson were the judges, Deodatus won. Deod. died a rich man in Feb. 1733.




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RS 199

An Interesting

Clockmakers Sundial  by

D.T and made for J.A in 1709








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