Antique Clocks

Antique Clocks

As a collector of early clocks and sundials, I have designed this website to illustrate a small selection of interesting clocks which in my opinion have a certain historical, primitive, quirky, or rustic charm about them. With rare examples dating from the mid seventeenth century and even earlier clocks in the pipeline, I hope that by showing some of them here, it will help bring others to light and add to the excitement and mystery I believe these fascinating early antique time pieces have. To listern to the monk music being played with each clock - please view this website on a desktop computer.

R.S 1692Gpg


Early Lantern Clock Wanted

1.    First Period Lantern Clock c1635

2.    Primitive hook-and-spike c1710

3.    Richard Savage hooded c1689

4.    Richard Savage longcase c1725

Coming to this website early 2019

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1668 Excellent  dial

Historically Important Key-Wound 30-hour

Long Pendulum Clock c1668

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1668 Excellent  dial

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Second Period c1640-1659

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