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Antique Clocks

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As a collector of early clocks and sundials, I have designed this website to illustrate a small selection of interesting clocks that - in my opinion - have a certain historical, primitive, quirky, or rustic charm about them. With rare examples dating from the mid seventeenth century and even earlier ones in the pipeline, I hope that by showing some of them here, it will help bring others to light and add to the excitement and mystery that I believe these fascinating early antique time pieces have.








Click on the link below to visit my new website which illustrates a small collection of interesting Northern Clocks that I believe were possibly made for the Quakers and non-conformists in the Cumbrian area from around 1690 by the Wigton School of Clockmakers, headed by John Sanderson of Wigton.

or collecters interested in early Northern Clocks. 

website for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


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Early Clocks of Northern England

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Interesting dial centre of a small hook-and-spike wall clock c1720

R.S 1692Gpg

8 inch T hand D.ajpg (1)


Early Lantern Clock Wanted

English civil war period c1640-1659

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